Kpain School was built to be handicap-accessible, thanks to Dutch missionaries. The school is proud to be able to cater to handicap students.
Hope for the Deaf is the only school in Liberia that specializes in educating the hearing impaired the hearing impaired. They not only teach their students sign language, but also vocational skills, like sewing, that will allow them to enter the workforce. Pictured is a deaf teacher.
An older student dressed in the school uniform in Kpain, Liberia. All schools' uniforms and buildings are colored yellow and blue.
The College of West Africa is one of the oldest high schools in Africa. It is located in downtown Monrovia and has prominent alumni, including President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. However, the once-influential school is slowly losing students and faculty to more secure public — and government funded — schools.
A junior high choir at Gbedin School.
Ganta UMS is one of the more prominent schools outside of the capital city of Monrovia. Near the Guinea border, it was used as a stronghold for rebel soldiers entering the country. What was once a boy's dormitory is now a bombed out shell of a building. The school is rebuilding and hoping to reopen the dorm soon.
The principal of Gbedin School gives a tour of the campus, pointing out the state of disrepair of the classrooms.
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